We have over 15 years of experience.

We started with a simple idea.

School History

JNJ has an experience of more than 15 years in child care development and preschool education and has succeeded in becoming the number one preschool in valley. JNJ School-started its operations in year 2003 under the banner(Jack N Jill) for preschool education. The school started at Parray Pora in a rented building and then was shifted to Baghat in year 2012 and now permanently set up at a prime and safer location at Budshah colony, Sanat Nagar bypass with all the facilities we always wanted to give our students. The school has been upgraded to primary level.

JNJ Primary School- imparts knowledge which combines traditional values and modern methods of education and aims to produce students who will be responsible members of the society in future.

School is equipped with the latest teaching tools and student oriented programs- we currently offer programs from playgroup to 5th standard- JNJ encourages students to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment, while at the same time offering support and guidance as they practice decision making and social skills.

Learning Today…… Leading Tomorrow


A Glimpse Of JNJ School

JNJ History

School Curriculum


Infancy (Toddler)

A period from birth to 2 years, dealing with these children is to ensure them all the motherly support which they usually get from their mother or any special carer of home. Since they are dependent for their needs and have to develop trust on strange carers. Our trained teachers develop close intimacy with the children. They provide the protection, affection and gratify those basic needs of child so that the child perceives that the world is dependable and a safe place for existence. We make all the possible efforts to gain their trust and develop their sensori- motor skills through senses and physical development.


Early Childhood (Pre Nursery)

A period from two to three years. As children of this age are active in exploring and experimenting they are allowed to do what they are capable of doing at their own pace and in their own way under the supervision of teachers which makes them autonomous. Children are given proper toilet habits with love and affection. Our curriculum helps them in gaining their social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive development.


Kindergarten Curriculum (NURSERY/PREP 1/ PREP 2)

Our curriculum from 3-6yrs focus on the Moral, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Natural aspects of a child and we offer variety of activities to develop them well in these aspects. Our curriculum includes all sorts of representation enactive, iconic and symbolic. Our teachers serve as desirable role models and explore children to many objects and experiences. They answer their curious questions. As language development is faster at this stage teachers are made to communicate more with children and read stories, singing songs and nursery rhymes. Teachers act as a facilitator as they provide support for children to explore their world. Our activities give them opportunities to classify, sort, order, locate and conserve using concrete objects to develop their intellectual skills.


Primary Curriculum

Our primary curriculum is based on the developmental tasks that have been identified for this age grade. They include learning physical skills necessary for ordinary games, building wholesome attitude towards oneself as a growing organism, learning to get along with age mates, learning appropriate masculine and feminine roles, development of fundamental skills in reading, writing and calculations, others are developing concepts necessary for everyday life, developing conscience, morality and scale of values, achieving personal independence and developing attitude towards social group and institutions.